How to travel with port-a-cath?

After a long wait…. Wawa has finally gotten the green light from her doctors to FLY!!

In December, we took the flight out on Cathay Pacific to the cool cool Hong Kong.

Things to prepare for child who has a port-a-cath, just like Wawa

  • Obtain a memo for permission travel from the doctor. Ensure that the note on port-a-cath is indicated on the memo.
  • Prepare all your required and standby medications from your doctor
  • Pack some sanitizers and face mask.
  • Bring your stroller along (Trust me!! It will come in handy.)
  • Find out where to eat. Abstain from street food, cold desserts and soft serve. Drink bottled water.

At the immigration checkpoint: 

  • Inform the security officer about the port-a-cath. They will perform manual body scan instead of walking through the X-ray scanner.

Lastly, have fun, stay safe and enjoy!!

Stroller all wrapped up

Streets of Mong Kok

Lunch @ Disneyland


Kidzania Singapore @ Sentosa

KidZania is an interactive indoor theme park combining inspiration, fun and learning through realistic role-play for children aged 4 to 17.

At KidZania Singapore, kids can independently explore an 81,000 square feet kid-sized city, complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles and a functioning economy, just like in a real world!

Located on Sentosa Island, KidZania Singapore is an indoor theme park that comes complete with buildings and vehicles, authenticated by real-world international and local brands. Their prices listed below excludes entry to the island. If you have a Maybank card, you will enjoy an additional of 10% discount.

Ticket Type Usual Price Online
Kid  (4 – 17 years old) S$58.00 S$55.10
Adult (18 – 59 years old) S$35.00 S$33.25
Toddler (2 – 3 years old) S$25.00 S$23.75
Senior (60 years old and above) S$25.00 S$23.75
Infant (under 2 years old) Free Free


Through realistic role-play, they learn about different careers, the inner-workings of a city and the concept of managing money. Kids can role-play to be whoever they want to be – a Pilot, Banker, Surgeon, Fire Fighter and more! Big dreams start here at KidZania Singapore.

Upon checking in, you will receive a debit card, 20 kidzos($ of KidZania), passport (usable only if you exchange for a permanent book which at cost $18) & RFID watch.

Conclusion – Kidzania is a nice place for kids to role play.. But the waiting time is kind of lengthy.. Do not expect to complete all roles in a day!! Adults must be prepared to day dream your day away while the kiddos immerse themselves in their little world.

My suggestions – Gather your kids to brainstorm what is the game plan before the day to minimize any precious time wasted.


Hello Kitty Theme Cafe Singapore

In the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 lies a Hello Kitty theme cafe. We’ve finally tried and tested some food on a queue-less Monday afternoon.

Well, the overall verdict was “Definitely not worth a place to queue for lunch!” perhaps good for instagramming.

The overall compound isn’t huge. So if you’re seriously considering to go on weekends.. Happy queuing.

The menu was an interesting one that I’ve ever came across.. Why? That’s because you will not be able to make any sense on what the dishes are all about.. You’ve to read a short paragraph to find out more about the dish.

There comes dishes of kitty.. Nicely garnished and presented..

Final BomB..!!

Self taken… “Souvenir”!!