Remission Status – Then?

So what comes next when your child’s doctor declares remission status?

It means… Good News!!! For cancer patients once they have completed all courses of treatments and scans with no new cells found, Doctor will announce you as in Remission Status, which also mean 99% cured!

Weird right? That’s because the average timeline for 100% is about 10 years. Hence, whats the fuss about that 1% right?

Yeah! Wawa has been announced to be in remission status in the month of September 2016.. Rejoice!! No more treatments.. Only quarterly planned scans for her and of course reviewing with her Oncologist, Plastic Surgeon and Speech Therapist.

Being in a remission mode, Wawa’s doctors have also made planned for her to be re-vaccinated.

So now, no more ipad, baby talks and “holiday at KKH” for her.. It’s back to serious schooling curriculum. Hehe….

We continue to pray for all other patients at KKH WARD 76 to fight strong and get well!!

A good read on remission can be found here