Easy soap making for Kids


  • Glycerin Blocks
  • Essential Oil
  • Mini Toys Figurines
  • Cake Toppers
  • Dried Flowers (Rose / Chrysanthemum / Lavender)
  • Water


  • Buy glycerin, which is clear a soap base, in solid, meltable blocks from the local handy craft stores
  • Cut the glycerin block into small cubes

  • Melt the glycerin in a double boiler and stir until it melts

  • Pour out the melted mixture into a container and stir in the essential oil. (I use about 20 drops of lavender essential oil, you may want to use more. Smell with your nose to gauge)
  • Arrange the mini figurines into the prepare molds.(You may want to add in some dried flowers)

  • Pour the soap to the rim

  • Top the soap with your final cake topper
  • Spritz it with more water (This is to ease out the bubbles)
  • Let the soap cool for about 20 -30 minutes (Press gently to feel the hardness)

  • Then pop it out

Have fun washing your little hands…..


Little Passport – Introduction to Geography (Kids)

I happened to stumble upon a monthly adventure magazine provider for children. Little Passport is an adventure kit which comes delivered to your child on a monthly basis focusing on different geography topics, such as country and culture.

I thought how interesting it is to see my wawa happily waiting for Mr Postman to send her a package every month. I made my subscription for the World Edition for 6 months.

** I am not a Sales Rep of Little Passport **

Ding Dong!! Mr Postman is here… Little Passports was being delivered by hand via courier. The package includes a Mini “Luggage”, Weather Lab, Map and Cards.

Without any delay, she ripped opened the package and started doing all activities.

There are instructions on how to make a erupting volcano. She had made it with the given basic set that includes a packet of clay, paints and cups. Parents have to get the kids baking soda and vinegar.


Barbie Dream House

We are proud to present you, her newest coolest Barbie Dreamhouse which stands proudly at a 4 feet height, weighs more than 20kg but cost half the price as compared to buying from Toys “r” us imported from US Amazon.

The item parts in the box were packed and sorted accordingly to a well written manual.

Overall, it took me about 45 minutes to fix up three floors, seven rooms, 70+ accessories and a working elevator with simple pull mechanism all in place. “Smart” accessories snap into an interactive furniture piece for lights, sound and/or motion — for instance, try the aquarium to watch the fish swim and hear bubble sounds.

*Barbie Dolls, Glamour Car, Unicorn sold separately

As there are many small little accessories such as the cutlery and utensil sets, I strongly recommend you only buy this for children above the age of 6.


Real TV? Nah….. It’s our iPod playing in the pull down TV like compartment. How cool is it!!

Barbie Dreamhouse


Barbie Glam Convertible

Barbie 2016 Holiday Doll

Barbie Made to Move Barbie Doll, Blue Top