Trip to Treetop Walk Singapore

Somewhere in Central Singapore lies an area labelled as “The Central Water Catchment Area – MacRitchie Reservoir“. Deep in within the MacRitchie Trail you will find a suspension bridge known as the Treetop Walk.

View of the Treetop Bridge

Treetop Opening hours

How to get there fastest?

A full roundabout slow walk will take you about 3 to 4 hours. I would recommend you to park your car at Venus Drive and start your journey there. Reason is because there are ample of FREE to park parking lots and it is the nearest route to Treetop Walk. Look out for the “To Treetop Walk” sign at the carpark and begin your hike.

Along the way you will see interesting sightings of fauna and flora.

In the forest, signboards can be seen everywhere.

From Venus Drive carpark, your first midway house will be the Rangers House where you can refill your water and have a quick wash up.

Hehe… See how clean the toilet is in the forest!

From the Rangers House to the Treetop will take you 20mins. Be prepared to walk up a cemented slope, then down a flight of stairs to the bridge entrance.

Do take note the bridge is only a one-way Street. Remove your hat to meet the strong wind and prepare your camera for the majestic view of the rainforest and reservoir.

Next upon exiting the bridge (Note: There’s no turning back upon exiting. Hence, make sure you take all the pictures you need.), you will be greeted with a flight of upscale and downscale stairs. Happy walking.

If you have not had enough view of the forest, take another 30 minutes of relaxing walk to the Jeluntong Tower.

Things you may want to bring along:

  • Insect Repellent
  • Cap
  • Poncho / Brollies
  • Water
  • Non-slip walking shoes

I strongly would not recommend you to bring any children under the age of 8. The bumpy and soil route is definitely not a yes for strollers. The distance and terrain is not going to be easy for a ride on the shoulder too.

Check out the weather with the meteorology station before proceeding.

Lastly, do not attempt to feed the animals there! Else take risk on being attack or even lose your favourite camera and hat.


How to travel with port-a-cath?

After a long wait…. Wawa has finally gotten the green light from her doctors to FLY!!

In December, we took the flight out on Cathay Pacific to the cool cool Hong Kong.

Things to prepare for child who has a port-a-cath, just like Wawa

  • Obtain a memo for permission travel from the doctor. Ensure that the note on port-a-cath is indicated on the memo.
  • Prepare all your required and standby medications from your doctor
  • Pack some sanitizers and face mask.
  • Bring your stroller along (Trust me!! It will come in handy.)
  • Find out where to eat. Abstain from street food, cold desserts and soft serve. Drink bottled water.

At the immigration checkpoint: 

  • Inform the security officer about the port-a-cath. They will perform manual body scan instead of walking through the X-ray scanner.

Lastly, have fun, stay safe and enjoy!!

Stroller all wrapped up

Streets of Mong Kok

Lunch @ Disneyland