It has been such a looooooog journey

Her port-a-cath removed, she graduated from her full set of treatments; and her facial reconstructed.. Her brand new life begins…

Graduating from CCF


2 years have just flown past just like that… I wonder how did I even manage to survive this whole ordeal?

Well, thank buddha, fingers crossed for life have been smooth sailing so far so good

Hillary is on the papers (The Singapore Straits Times, 13th May 2018) as part of KKH 160th anniversary celebrations..


She is extremely hilarious knowing that she’s gonna be a superstar for the day (kind of, sort of). She was thrilled to the cloud! Hmmmm… What to type here? I have no idea… I ain’t a good writer.. but more of someone who just want to share whenever I have the mood… Lol

Well, now… my nonsense a side..

Today, I have created a group on Facebook known as Singapore Childhood Cancer Support Group. I have never created one before.. But the thought of me feeling devastated and lonely before after seeing this advertisement published on The Straits Times, I took the one step to create one. Sigh… I hope someone will join and eventually parents like me, living in humble Singapore gets morale support from genuine Singaporean on sharing and exchanging real experiences..

I guess I’ll just… KEEP SMILING.. KEEP MOVING!!


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