How to travel with port-a-cath?

After a long wait…. Wawa has finally gotten the green light from her doctors to FLY!!

In December, we took the flight out on Cathay Pacific to the cool cool Hong Kong.

Things to prepare for child who has a port-a-cath, just like Wawa

  • Obtain a memo for permission travel from the doctor. Ensure that the note on port-a-cath is indicated on the memo.
  • Prepare all your required and standby medications from your doctor
  • Pack some sanitizers and face mask.
  • Bring your stroller along (Trust me!! It will come in handy.)
  • Find out where to eat. Abstain from street food, cold desserts and soft serve. Drink bottled water.

At the immigration checkpoint: 

  • Inform the security officer about the port-a-cath. They will perform manual body scan instead of walking through the X-ray scanner.

Lastly, have fun, stay safe and enjoy!!

Stroller all wrapped up

Streets of Mong Kok

Lunch @ Disneyland


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