WHAT?!? Hot Spring in Singapore??

No time to travel out of Singapore to visit a hot spring? Well, do it in Singapore!

YES!! Though Singapore isn’t anywhere near the ring of fire or has any volcano.. We do have a natural hot spring in the northern part of Singapore known as Sembawang Hot Spring (三巴旺溫泉), located at Gambas Avenue between Woodlands Avenue 12 and Sembawang Road.


Do not attempt to drive there.. Coz there are no carparks athe surrounding area.

After passing this entrance, you will walk through a wooded area on a well maintained cemented path.


A big drain… along the walk.. If you are lucky enough, a monkey may pop by to say “Hi!” to you. Whatever it is, strictly no feeding to the wild animals.


The entrance to the hot spring is about 100 metres off the main road. The walk is kind of breezy.. So enjoy the rural rustic feel for nature visitors to unwind.


A little story about the hot spring to read….


Inside the red-brick enclosure, lies the hot spring well discovered in 1909. Hot water continuously bubbles in the well, releasing a slightly unpleasant sulphur mud-like odour together with the steam.


Due to safety of the public and hygiene on preserving the spring water, the authorities have installed several taps where the water will run endlessly everyday. Empty buckets and containers left behind by some of the frequent public can be seen lying around in the premises. Dont’ be surprise if you see an uncle sunbathing in his own tub there.. hehe


Parents whom are making a trip there with your kids, it would be nice if you put on some insect repellent stickers.. Forest area may have some mozzies lingering around.. Do not allow your little ones to go near to the hot tap.


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