Easy soap making for Kids


  • Glycerin Blocks
  • Essential Oil
  • Mini Toys Figurines
  • Cake Toppers
  • Dried Flowers (Rose / Chrysanthemum / Lavender)
  • Water


  • Buy glycerin, which is clear a soap base, in solid, meltable blocks from the local handy craft stores
  • Cut the glycerin block into small cubes

  • Melt the glycerin in a double boiler and stir until it melts

  • Pour out the melted mixture into a container and stir in the essential oil. (I use about 20 drops of lavender essential oil, you may want to use more. Smell with your nose to gauge)
  • Arrange the mini figurines into the prepare molds.(You may want to add in some dried flowers)

  • Pour the soap to the rim

  • Top the soap with your final cake topper
  • Spritz it with more water (This is to ease out the bubbles)
  • Let the soap cool for about 20 -30 minutes (Press gently to feel the hardness)

  • Then pop it out

Have fun washing your little hands…..


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