My child has cancer.. So what’s next?

You are NOT alone! It’s NOT the end!

Getting to know from the doctors telling you that your child has cancer.. You’ve got basically only a minute or two to go on the “What the hell!!!” mode.

So what’s next??

Prepare yourself

  • Oftenly, people surrounding you will tell you to seek second opinion. Don’t!! Don’t waste unnecessary time thinking of the otherwise..
  • Hear from the experts. Let them tell you more. Let them tell you what is the next step
  • Read up. Learn more about your children’s problem. 
  • Make friends to the other parents in the ward

Trust your six sense

  • Decisions making ain’t easy especially on life threatening conditions where you have to sign loads of authorisation forms.
  • Do not self blame. No one wants this to happen.
  • Trust the experts and your decisions so as not to delay any process.
  • Learn to take baby steps.. Take one day at a time.

    Love yourself

    • Battling cancer is no longer just between you and your child. Family stands united.
    • Free yourself from stress for awhile. Love yourself. Go for some ME time entrusting your little one to their grandparents.
    • It is no wrong to cry out loud! Cry your whole heart out…

    Stand strong

    • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy is not going to be easy on your child.Stand strong. Cheer your little one up. You will be amazed how these little warriors fight through the war themselves
    • Take this time as a bonding session between you and your children

    Professional Help

    Renember no one wants their children to be sick. Cancer isn’t contagious. Cancer isn’t anyone’s fault.

    Oh ya! Doctors being doctors. Don’t be taken a step back when they tell you bombastic vocabularies and how bad the situation is. Be brave & steady. Fight together with your child!!


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